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Carla & Lauren

The Photographers at Carmellise Imagery

Carla and Lauren reside in the Oklahoma City area.


Carla started out in photography after receiving her first camera at the age of 17 and has been in love with the art ever since. As a serious hobbiest she has photographed weddings, dance company recitals, graduations, engagements, and sports events. With the encouragement from family and friends and the partnership of her youngest daughter in law, Lauren, she has made the transition to pursue the occupation as a professional. With the support of her husband she has also delved into the digital age and all of the possibilities it opens for photographic art, which she finds facinating and challenging. Her photographic style is photojournalistic, but also enjoys the challenge of classical studio photography settings.

Lauren has received training in photography along with several awards in art. Her unique style enables her to capture the perfect moment and angle for her distinctive photographs.

The photographers at Carmellise Imagery work diligently to compose beautiful reflections of your special day.